Our 20ft Office and Toilet units offer a great workplace office solution as not only do they come with all the features of a standard office but also feature an adjoined washroom featuring a toilet and wash basin. These units are perfect for those located on work sites or on projects in remote locations.


The 20′ Office & Toilet Container is a practical solution for those of you who require a propper office on the job site, in the mining area, or in any other location. Tradecorp has extensive experience in container business. Office containers and toilet containers are two modified containers that are in high demand today.

The container office is built from a standard 20-feet containers. The 20′ Office & Toilet has an aesthetic shape and form that gives it a more modern appearance. We can also add amenities like toilets, a pantry, or a meeting room in this container. Our container office is composed of corten steel, which makes it extremely durable.


The toilet is one of the facilities that must be available to meet human requirements. When selecting a comfortable workplace is not only about the work amenities available, but also about the toilet, which is used for urine, excrement, or just to change clothes or washing hands. Toilets will be tough to find in mining sites that are located far inland, in the heart of forests, or on unoccupied territory. For situation this, we offer a combination of office containers and toilets. You don’t have to go far to look for a toilet while working.

This container can accommodate 2 to 3 employees as a workplace. This 20′ Office & Toilet has enough space to fit various office essentials like desks, chairs, and laptops. This office container’s ceiling framework and internal walls are made of a robust frame wrapped in melamine to create the sense of a cleaner, more modern workspace. When the weather is really hot outside, walls and ceilings that are totally insulated will reduce the heat within the container.

Container Office

We convert a 20′ Office & Toilet container into a Container Office, complete with a toilet. You can place this office container in a relatively small area, furthermore this container is easy to maintain and can be used for many years.

Waterproof wall panels can be used to change the look of the toilet walls. The office container and toilet is a unit that is convenient to use because you don’t have to go far to find a toilet. Furthermore, our office containers can be easily moved at any time to meet your needs.

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