Our 40′ office create a large working space large enough to fit 8-10 desks. These units can also be fitted with a partition wall to create either a second enclosed private workspace or meeting room. Our 40ft offices are usually fitted with two large slide windows and two air conditioning units to create a cooled and comfortable working space with plenty of natural light.


Tradecorp has many types of shipping container modifications. For office containers, there are various types and modifications, one of which is 40 feet office container 2 (two) doors. What is a 40′ office container? When you want a container office, of course there are various needs in it. Every company has different needs. Office 2 doors is an innovation from office containers which have two different entrances. 

Why use this 2 doors 40ft office container? if you have a need to fill a container with two different things, for example office and storage in one container unit, it needs to be seperated because it will be used by two different division, of course you need two different entrance doors, then You can consider using this container. 

Using 2-door options for this office container is also interesting to consider. Access in and out can be distinguished so as to maintain the security of each division. All modified containers are made following International ISO standards. So you don’t have to doubt the quality of Tradecorp’s containers. The 2 door 40′ office container has a frame made of corten steel, making it strong against hot and rainy weather, as well as durable and anti-rust. Maintenance is also fairly easy.

40′ Office Containers

This container office can be equipped with glass windows and shutters so that it can anticipate theft. This container can be used as a workspace for 5 up to 9 employees. The area of this office container is enough to put some office necessities such as tables, chairs, computers, or cabinets. 

The floor of this office container is usually made with strong Plywood material so that the floor of this container can last a long time. About the electrical system, this office container is equipped with MCB boxes, power points, telephone connections, data points, and LED lights. This 40ft office Container is also equipped with AC and Exhaust Fan which will keep the air flow fresh.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have specific needs, our staff will be happy to help you, to realize the container you need.