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Our quality mini containers provide a compact solution for storing and transporting items. Mini containers are a great solution for those with limited space with the height allowing many larger items to be stored within the container. These units will leave your mind at ease due to the heavy-duty and secure nature of the product. These units can be customized to include vents and internal door release systems. A great storage solution for both domestic and industrial applications.

The 20 feet High Cube Container is designed for storing and transporting oversized items that can’t fit the standard container. Moreover, this extra 1ft taller container is the most cost-saving solution for businesses because they can fill more bulk items into it. Its frame, sides, doors, and understructure are made with Corten steel to withstand a long period of usage and extreme conditions.

Also, it is worth noting that this container type shares some similarities with the standard container, for example, maximum gross weight, maximum payload, and other features.

Furthermore, this type of container is very versatile, starting from storing and transporting goods, to transformation projects. Some of the popular transformation projects these days are turning containers into houses, shops, café, and medical units.

This unit is available for sale or lease in new as well as used conditions. Regarding delivery, we have an extensive delivery coverage area, which includes inside and outside of Indonesia. Our team is glad to assist you throughout your journey of getting the perfect container to fulfil your needs.


    Our industry leading 10ft containers are the largest of the mini container range and offer a great solution for storing and transporting goods. This unit can also be modified to become a complete 3IN1 workshop offering a workbench, toilet and storage for tools and other appliances and can be modified in any way to include any number of accessories and/or modifications. These containers are perfect for those wishing to store items with limited space and can be transported easily at any time. Click HERE for more information on 10ft Mini Containers.

    Tradecorp’s quality 20ft containers offer a great storage and transportation solution. Tradecorp has a selection of refurbished and new units available to customers. Tradecorp’s 20ft containers are made to withstand the elements endured during sea freight and therefore a mostly wind and waterproof ensuring the goods stored inside are not damaged. These units are very easily transported and can be relocated with ease. Click HERE to download the 20ft Standard Container spec sheet

    Our quality 8ft Mini Containers offer a compact storage and transport solution for smaller sized items. These containers are perfect for those wishing to store items with limited space and can be transported easily at any time. These units can be easily customized to include any number of accessories to fit with every individual customer requirement. Click HERE to download the 20ft Standard Container spec sheet

    Tradecorp’s industry leading mini set units are a unique storage solution which allows one six ft and one 8ft mini container to be stored inside a single 10ft container. These units can be fully customized to suit any and all customer requirements.

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