20ft Office Units are a perfect solution for a portable office space that can be built, transported and installed in very little time. These units come fitted with Air Conditioning, insulated walls, exhaust fan, windows, doors and vinyl flooring.


Tradecorp’s 20ft Office Container with Pantry (White) is among the well-designed office container we have to offer. This compact office features both minimalist interior and exterior design to give your business a professional workspace.

20ft Office Container

This container offers a spacious workspace enough to fit a small team. It can accommodate up to 6 people comfortably without feeling cramped.

Furthermore, this 20ft Office Container with Pantry (White) has an additional feature. It has a mini pantry with a matching kitchen set. Perfect for preparing morning or afternoon drinks.

The container exterior is magnificently decorated with two medium-size windows and a white front door. Once you step inside, you will see a perfect combination of dark polished floor and neutral wall color.

Fully Insulate

We fully insulate the container walls for optimal noise reduction and thermal control. You will have a productive work environment as you are free from disruption and remain comfortable inside even during a hot day.

Next, you don’t have to worry about your safety when being inside this 20ft Office Container. It is made from the ISO certified 20’ General Purpose Container. Thus, it provides strong structural integrity as it has reinforced corners.

Above all, we can offer container modification services to personalize this office container to your needs. You can request to add partition, change the type of floor and wall, include more facilities, etc.

Lastly, we have many depots to ensure easy and affordable delivery. You can count on us to safely deliver your 20’ Office Container with Pantry (White) to its destination. Our skillful haulers are ready to help you arrange the most effective route to transport your container.