20ft Enclosed Offices feature the standard internal features of an office but do not have any windows or doors installed. Instead, these units utilise the container doors as the main entry and exit point of the container. These provide for a simple and basic office space solution.


In a field project, there are not only employees and field workers, but also a manager or project leader. A project manager, obviously have a lot of responsibilities and they are mostly done behind the scenes such as researching and checking important documents, working with computer, signing documents, and other important work on your desk to ensure your work runs smoothly. But do you realize that completing work like this at a project site is not an easy thing, because it has a lot of challenges.

In the field, project managers often get disturbances such as when technical problems occur during the project, the noise of project/mining equipment, and visitors who come and go. Renting an office space in the middle of the city will increase the budget and not to mention the distance to the project site that will make coordination more complicated, and it is also difficult to monitor the progress of the project. Tradecorp as one of the leading container service providers with years of experience in the container business providing a definite solution to your problems in the field with an Enclosed Office Container or a closed container office.


Our enclosed office container can give you privacy while working but still puts you in an ideal location because you don’t need to be far from the location where the project is taking place. We have an enclosed office container with a size of 20 feet with an enclosed type and a fully enclosed type is also available. For those of you with a managerial position, the option of using an enclosed office container can be a viable option for you to consider.

Our 20′ Office Container is an international standard container made using strong corten steel. This 20ft closed office has the standard internal features of an office but has no windows or doors attached. Instead, this unit uses a container door as the entrance and exit of the container. It provides a simple and minimalist office space solution. This unit can be added with extra facilities such as a desk, storage room, blackboard, filing cabinet, and other equipment that can be installed upon request.


Our 20 feet enclosed office container can be added with an insulated wall, made of glasswool, or rookwool which you can choose according to your needs. This wall serves to prevent heat from the hot sun from entering the container to keep the temperature inside the container comfortable and not hot. In addition, our insulation walls prevent outside noise from entering the container, of course, this will make your work more comfortable and conducive.

This enclosed office container also has a special feature where the outdoor unit of your air conditioner is not placed outside but has its designated place. This makes it easier for you to move this container without the need to remove the AC outdoor unit so it is more practical and faster. By using a strong container door, this enclosed office container can protect you from wild animals if Your project is in the middle of the forest or in remote areas.

If you need privacy, security, and comfort, an enclosed office container is the right choice to support your work and business. We can modify this container according to your needs and desires. Don’t hesitate to contact us now, our staff will be more than happy to help you find the container for you.

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