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Our used shipping containers are carefully inspected by a highly trained team to ensure that their appropriateness before reaching the hand of our customers. These used containers are good for transporting or storing goods. We have them ready to be delivered to your requested location at any time. Furthermore, we can make some modifications and repairs to these used containers to suit your need.

used shipping containers is designed for storing and transporting oversized items that can’t fit the standard container. Moreover, this extra 1ft taller container is the most cost-saving solution for businesses because they can fill more bulk items into it. Its frame, sides, doors, and understructure are made with Corten steel to withstand a long period of usage and extreme conditions.

Also, it is worth noting that this container type shares some similarities with the standard container, for example, maximum gross weight, maximum payload, and other features.

Furthermore, this type of container is very versatile, starting from storing and transporting goods, to transformation projects. Some of the popular transformation projects these days are turning containers into houses, shops, café, and medical units.