Our 10ft Office container provide a compact but complete office setting for those requiring the basics of an office setup. These units can be fitted with all the standard features of our larger offices such as windows, air conditioning and lighting or can be stripped back to feature the most basic of features. These units are extremely easy to transport and install in any location.


At Tradecorp, shipping containers can be converted into a variety of different types of containers, including 10ft office container. Our containers are built of strong Corten steel, making them long-lasting, safe, and simple to maintain.

The process of constructing your office container takes less time than creating a permanent structure, and you may outfit it with amenities like air conditioning, tables, seats, cupboards, ventilation, and electrical outlet. All of these features make your office container convenient to use. We can build an office container relatively faster than constructing a permanent building so that your employees can begin working in a comfortable environment.

10ft Office Container

The 10ft office container is available in new or used condition and is in good-condition. We have a large number of good-condition containers for you to choose from and use. This container office modification has a glass window with a lock, allowing you to prevent theft or burglary.

Depending on the seating configuration, this container can be used as a workspace for numerous employees. This office container has enough space to fit many office requirements like tables, chairs, computers, and cupboards. This office container’s ceiling and internal walls are built of high-quality materials to create the sense of a cleaner, more modern workspace. When the weather outside is particularly hot, walls and ceilings that are entirely shielded by insulating material that will reduce the heat within the container.

This office container’s floor is covered in thick plywood and vinyl tiles, making it more attractive and easy to clean. When it comes to the electrical system, this office container can be outfitted with MCB boxes, power outlets, telephone connections, data outlets, and LED lights. This Office Container has an air conditioner and an exhaust fan to provide a steady airflow.


The strong structure of the container ensures its safety and ease of lifting and moving between sites or projects as needed. Another benefit of utilizing containers as an office is that they are relatively strong for outdoor use. Furthermore, maintenance is simple.

At Tradecorp, we can assist you in designing and modifying a 10ft office container to meet your exact requirements. You may also specify the type of reference or sample design you require. Our team of professionals will work with you to design the container office of your dreams.

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