These offices are perfect for those projects or workplaces which require not only the standard features of an office but also require a shelved storing space. These units are divided to feature either a separately enclosed or adjoined (accessible through an internal door) space fitted with lighting.



20′ Office & Storage is a standard container that is modified into an office space. The production process of this type of container follows the standard of office space in general, such as equipping it with exhaust fans, air conditioners, light switches, etc. You don’t have to worry about the durability and strength of the container because we build this unit from containers that are made according to international standards (ISO).

Shipping containers that are modified into office containers provide flexible and easy-to-move office space so you can use them for several projects in several places. Use our office containers as a modern and practical durable office solution.


The 20′ Office Storage Container from Tradecorp is a container that we modified into an office. The popularity of office containers is increasing because they are fast to build and can be customized with various designs according to your preferences. Our office containers are made of corten steel so they are safe to use in hot and rainy weather and are durable to use for a long time. In addition, this unit is a modification of the standard 20 feet container which has external dimensions of 20′ length, 8′ width and 8’6 height. This container has one door, one window, and a standard container door that still works. Inside this container, there is an office space and storage space.

This Office Container is a great choice for projects or workplaces that not only need an office but also need storage space with shelves. Office space and storage space can be separated or combined.

This container unit, helps you to protect your goods and documents from heat and direct sunlight that can damage the quality of your documents. This type of container is specially designed to be used to store your goods safely. In addition, the container as a storage unit requires a high level of security so that it can keep the goods stored.

Special Spaces

We modified this 20′ office & storage in such a way for those of you who need office space and special storage space for documents or other valuables that you have so that they are not easily damaged and are safe from theft. You can add the storage that we offer by providing additional storage shelves in the container to store your important documents and items so that they are neatly organized and easy to find when needed.

Using this office and storage container provides a comfortable and flexible workspace because documents and items do not need to be combined with your workspace. We also offer optional designs that you can use, namely by connecting the office with the storage you have and can be accessed through a door.

The standard doors of office storage are secured with locking bars and lockboxes. By using this storage container, we present a personal door feature, namely a door with a simple but safe locking system to facilitate access in and out of your staff/employees.