Our 20′ Office Container CSC is an international standard container that uses Cement fiber flooring + PVC floor (t20+t2.0) as the materials. This container provides an Internal cabinet and sinks as accommodation and PVC glazed windows, security doors. This unit also has additional facilities such as a desk, storage room, blackboard, file cabinet, and other equipment that can be fitted on request. We also can be customized to adhere to specific customer requirements.


Tradecorp can configure and modify shipping containers for various purposes, one of which is office container. Our containers are made of corten steel so they can be used for many years and they are safe and easy to maintain. The process of making your  container office does not take as long as erecting a permanent building and you can equip this office container with office complementary facilities such as air conditioning, tables, chairs, cabinets, ventilation, and electrical installations. All these conveniences make your office container available in a short time so that your employees can work comfortably in it. 

Office Container 20 feet is available in new and used conditions with good functions and conditions for you to choose and use. This container office is equipped with glass windows and window coverings that have a security lock so that they can anticipate theft or burglary. This container can be used as a workspace for 5 to 9 employees.

Container Office 20 feet

The area of this container is large enough to place several office necessities such as tables, chairs, computers, or file cabinets. The ceiling framework and internal walls of this container are built from strong materials and the walls are white so that it can give the impression of a neater and modern office space. Walls and ceilings that are fully protected by this material will reduce the heat inside the container when the weather is very hot outside. 

The floor of this container is made of Plywood material and can be coated with vinyl tiles which will make the floor of this container more beautiful and easy to clean. Talking about the electrical system, this office container is equipped with MCB boxes, power points, telephone connections, data points, and LED lights. This Container is also equipped with AC and Exhaust Fan which will keep the air flow fresh. Our Container are perfect for building contractors, industrial estates and mining areas. This 40ft container office is classed as a temporary building, so it is free from planning permits and additional business fees for commercial or industrial customers. 

Ideal to be placed in remote locations

This office container is ideal to be placed in remote locations. The portable nature of the container makes it easy to lift and move between sites or projects as needed. Another advantage of using containers as an alternative to your office is that this building is relatively strong for outdoor use. In addition, maintenance is easy, you only need to repaint every few years so that your container still looks attractive. 

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