If you require a custom designed office space we can help. Our engineers and designers can help you create an office space with suits everyone of your requirements. If you already had specifications and need a design or simply just have an idea we can guide you every step of the way. If you’re concerned about budget or project logistics we can create a solution. Contact us today for more information and a free quote.



You need a container office but You want a different and very Custom Container Offices that is not available in the market? No need to worry, Tradecorp can make your wish come true. We are experienced in modifying containers.

Custom Container Offices

We have handled various types of modifications, both for business, accommodation, office, residential to laboratory. Our modified containers are made from standard containers which we design based on your request. In addition, we also provide various additional features to make your container office more convenience. 

If you need a Custom Container Offices space, we can help you. Our engineers and designers can help you create an office space that fits all your needs. If you already have specifications and need a design or just have an idea, we can guide you every step of the way. If you’re worried about your budget, we can find the best solution. 

You can add window bar, insect repellent screens, security locks, and stairs with anti-slip layer. We can also make multi-story office containers by arranging several containers, adding a special storage for air conditioning outdoor unit, roofs with gutters and others. 

Special Needs

Every company must have their own special needs for the office they want to use, how large they want it, what facilities and services they want, what color paint they want, how many floors and many more. That’s why Custom Container Offices were created are very good. You can ask us to build your dream office. Maybe you need to consider the location and number of employees who will work there so that it really fits your team. 

For example, you work in the mining sector, or the project location is in a remote location, our office containers are portable and moveable units. The walls are coated with melamine to give a clean and spacious impression and the floor is made of plywood which is then layered with vinyl so that it is easy to clean and not slippery. When you enter the Office Container, you will see a room that is quite spacious and very suitable for working because it is comfortable and clean. 

The walls themselves are insulated walls to reduce heat and noise in the container, making this unit comfortable to work with. This container has a door made of strong material so it is durable. Contact us today for more information.