Our 20′ Office Container CSC is an international standard container that uses Cement fiber flooring + PVC floor (t20+t2.0) as the materials. This container provides an Internal cabinet and sinks as accommodation and PVC glazed windows, security doors. This unit also has additional facilities such as a desk, storage room, blackboard, file cabinet, and other equipment that can be fitted on request. We also can be customized to adhere to specific customer requirements.


Container Office

The container office can be converted from various types of containers, one of which is from the sea can containers. This container is a container commonly used for shipping containers on the high seas. This container has the advantage of being weather resistant so that it can be used for a long time so that it saves your budget.

Flexible and Portable

Easy to move from one place to another. Very flexible to modify or adapt to your needs.

More Affordable Price

The prices we offer for modular office and office containers are more affordable than building a new permanent building from the ground up even with prefabricated materials.

Sturdy and Strong

Made of corten steel which is specially made so that it is resistant to exposure to erratic weather such as heat, rain, and flooding as well as earthquakes.

Increase Work Productivity

With an office that can be modified with a modern architectural style, making your office container more lively and not boring, this will certainly make your employees more enthusiastic and productive at work and not easily sleepy.

Anti Mainstream and Modern

Office container design prioritizes popular architectural and interior styles so that it makes your office attractive, not monotonous and boring. Can be designed according to your wishes, besides choosing this type of container has a modern impression.

Save Development Time of Office Container

Our containers already have the structure and foundations needed, namely office containers 10 feet, 20 feet, and office containers 40 feet, you just need to add accessories or redesign them so they look more beautiful. This advantage speeds up development and saves you time.


This container is anti-corrosion so it is more durable and can be used for a long period of time up to years.