Our Bottle Rack units are an offshore storage solution for liquid or gas filled bottles. These units are fully DNV 2.7-1/EN 12071-1 compliant and can be customized to comply with any and all customer requirements. These Bottle Racks are fitted with forklift pockets on all sides to allow for easy transportation and are also equipped with lashing points to ensure that cargo is tightly secured.



Our DNV bottle rack units are the solution for the storage and transportation of gas cylinders used for offshore activities. This unit is fully compliant with DNV 2.7-1 standard and can be customized to suit every customer need. This bottle rack is equipped with a forklift pockets for easy transportation and is also equipped with a lashing point to ensure the cargo being transported is in a safe condition.

DNV Bottle Racks has several other names such as DNV Cylinder rack, Gas Bottle Rack, and Offshore DNV Rack. Whatever the name is, the function remains the same that it’s protecting the gas cylinders in it.

This container DNV unit is usually used for storage and shipping of some gas products stored in gas cylinders. Several types of gases that are usually used in offshore activities are acetylene, oxygen, hydrogen, and others. The various types of gases used on offshore platforms are used for welding, calibration, and medical activities. These gases are valuable items in offshore activities, so that the gas cylinders needs to be protected both on the way and during storage on the platform.

This container can carry up to 16 cylindrical tubes inside. This type of container has a door for easy loading and unloading of the gas cylinder. In addition, the DNV bottle rack has a safety bar that is installed so that the cylinder is always in a safe state during transportation and storage.

This DNV container has a sturdy and strong design so it is suitable for offshore use with harsh natural conditions. Our DNV containers are made of strong corten steel and they are resistant to bad weather that occurs in offshore environment. DNV containers have a stronger structure than standard containers because the weather on land and at sea has different challenges.

DNV containers used in offshore environtment are often placed in an open place both onboard and on platforms, and are also undergo some loading and unloading process in bad weather. For that, we designed the primary structure with a material that is strong enough to withstand bad weather which could result in damage or loss of your valuable cargo.