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Tradecorp’s special DNV frame containers are a unique storage solution specifically designed for offshore facilities. These units are specifically designed to securely store items as to prevent them from falling or spilling.


The special frame offshore DNV container is a unique storage solution designed for offshore facilities. This unit is specially designed to protect items safely to prevent them from being damaged.

This 6.4m tall container structure is the best method for transporting ISO containers/ custom cargoes from and to offshore locations. Our bottle racks are a solution for storing bottles filled with liquids and gases. These containers are also equipped with forklift pockets, making transportation process. This product is also equipped with a lashing point so that it is safe to use for loading cargo with a special shape.


These containers can carry heavy loads. In addition, this special frame container is DNV 2.7-1 certified, which means that all aspect on this container are suitable for offshore use. Made with corten steel, these units are guaranteed strength and can last for years, making them safe in bad offshore weather.

This containers type also called Offshore DNV Lifting Frame is available in various sizes such as 10 feet and 20 feet, this frame is used to protect machines or other cargo from damage. Offshore DNV Containers usually carries is a generator engine.


All offshore containers are designed, tested, and certified to DNV2.7-1 standards. This container is also equipped with Lloyd’s Register (LR), Lloyd’s Register provides quality assurance and certification for transportation including offshore needs.

If you need to transport cargo with special dimensions, this container is your best option. We are one of the DNV container manufacturers with years of experience with clients from various industries. .


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