Our offshore baskets are an offshore storage solution, which are fully DNV 2.7-1/EN 12071-1 compliant. These baskets can be customized and manufactured in a number of lengths and sizes that compliment customer requirements.


Our offshore basket containers are specially designed to withstand the harsh offshore conditions . DNV containers are made with special structures and materials, so they can withstand bad weather conditions. So, it is safe to place and store in an open space such as an offshore platform or a ship deck. We provide various options and types for offshore CCU (Cargo Carrying Unit) to support your various activities.

Tradecorp presents custom basket containers for offshore shipping or storage. This container has been coated with a special paint to prevent rust on the container body. Equipped with additional safety points for both internal and external parts of the container to secure your cargo. These containers can be purchased or leased for short or long term rental contracts.

This DNV offshore basket can be used for storage or transportation for offshore projects. This container comply with DNV 2.7-1 standard and you can also add cargo nets and tarpaulins to ensure the safety of your cargo. At the bottom, forklift pockets are provided which makes the moving process much easier. This container can also be modified according to the buyer’s request.

Using an offshore container basket helps you to optimize the storage and transportation of cargo effectively and safely. These containers are also designed to stack safely, ensuring optimal utilization of the limited space on the offshore platform. Our DNV Basket Offshore Containers are available in various sizes.

All of our offshore basket containers have been designed with cargo securing points with the option of additional cargo nets to avoid the risk of damage to the cargo. These containers are custom designed. These containers are designed to increase the safety of fragile and high-value cargo.

Tradecorp provides your DNV container needs at the best price. This unit is available brand new and used. Contact us now, our expert team will help you to choose the right DNV container according to your needs.

Main feature :

  • Passed or complete the test and designed according to DNV2.7-1
  • Pockets Forklift
  • Stackable
  • Lashing points