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Our offshore DNV Standard Containers are fully DNV 2.7-1/EN 12071-1 compliant and are primarily used for the storage and transportation of goods. Their application varies greatly and can be used both domestically and industrially to store items such as machinery, tools, personal items and much more.



For anyone that needs to transport equipment or goods to, between or from fixed or floating entities, offshore DNV containers are the safe and reliable way to go. All of our DNV containers from Tradecorp Shipping Containers come specially manufactured for use on gas and oil platforms, and these containers are classified as being DNV 2.7-1/EN 12071-1 compliant.


There are three main differences between offshore DNV containers and normal shipping containers. It’s essential that you understand why you’d choose an offshore DNV container for your equipment.

1) Harsh Environment Exposure – Unlike regular shipping containers, offshore containers usually face very harsh environments on a daily basis. This includes exposure to open seas and unfavourable weather conditions when they unload and load them. These containers are built to withstand minus 20 Celsius.

2) Non-Traditional Designs – Regular shipping containers typically come in one or two standard designs. However, offshore containers come in a variety of non-traditional designs like half freight style, open top, mud cutting boxes, specialised frames, tanks, waste skips and so much more. They’re usually designed to fit specific cargo.

3) Force When Loading or Unloading – Did you know that you can’t use standard container lifting equipment to load and unload DNV containers? Additionally, using alternative measures to load or unload them will put too much stress on the container itself. DNV containers come with a sling set installed to help load or unload them. You won’t find corner casings with this type of container either.


While there are dozens of offshore containers available, they usually fall into a few broad categories. These categories give you a good idea of what you use them for, and you can use them with both small and large loads.

1) Offshore Freight Containers – This type of offshore DNV container transports bulk equipment or goods. These containers include cargo baskets, general cargo containers, bulk containers, gas cylinder racks, boxes and special containers.

2) Offshore Waste Skip – This type of offshore DNV container holds waste products. They can come in a closed design or with an open top.

3) Offshore Service Container – These are custom built offshore DNV containers that are suitable for specific projects or tasks. You’d use these containers for workshops, control stations, labs and power plants.


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