Our industry leading roll containers offer an onsite transportation solution for moving containers. These units come in both 62ft and 80ft lengths. These units are ideal for moving multiple containers short distance with ease.


Our 62’ Roll Trailer Container is designed for heavy-duty transport. With this unit, you will be able to improve efficiency and safety when moving several containers or other heavy items at once. It is most useful in shipping ports, manufacturing plants, and for transporting cargo using RoRo cargo ships.

Roll Trailer Container

This type of container features a reinforced heavy-duty steel structure. Given that, it has the ability to handle heavy load. Additionally, it has a set of rear wheels for easy movement within a short-range. There is also a gooseneck tunnel on the front side, which serves as a connection to a tug master. Because in order to move this trailer around, it requires a tug master with a gooseneck. This method of transportation is safer when transporting heavy cargo instead of lifting them.

Furthermore, its simple method of operation makes this type of container widely used in shipping ports and manufacturing plants. Additionally, this container is useful when transporting cargo by a RoRo ship, a cargo ship for wheeled cargo. You can load this container with shipping containers, steel coils, and large vehicles.

Not to mention, we offer some additional features to improve the safety and efficiency of your Roll Trailer Container. You can choose to include lashing points to secure your cargo safely, forklift pockets for better handling of the empty trailer, or twist locks to secure containers on top of this trailer. Furthermore, we have customization options, which include adding your company’s logo as well as a different color.

In order to provide a low delivery cost. Additionally, you can experience stress-free container procurement as we take care of the delivery for you. That way, you do not have to worry as your container will arrive right on schedule. But of course, we also have a self pick up option. Please make a schedule by contacting us.