Our shelter containers offer a quality workplace solution, which allows activities to continue despite undesirable weather conditions. These units use a large tarpaulin fixed to stacked containers to provide a temporary roofed space. This product is not a fixed structure and therefore can be easily relocated.



The 2 40’ Shelter Container is both spacious and effective to be used as a multifunction space. Each container has the dimensions of 40’ long, 8’ wide, and 8.6’ tall.

This 2 40’ units help you to store your project needs in them. Also, you have a large enough space covered with a strong canopy that can be used for various purposes.

The Benefits of 40 Shelter Container:

  • More storage spaces
  • Can be a multipurpose room if you do not use it as a storage space
  • Has sufficient area to place large items

Primary Purpose
A shipping container shelter provides an instant workshop, garage, service bay, and storage area. Designed to be relocated with minimal disruption, you may move your Container Shelter after your project is done. Container Shelters are not only ideal for short-term contracts but also suitable for longer projects.

All our new container unit includes a CSC plate attached to the container’s left door, enabling international shipping purpose.

Other Feature
Made from a strong Corten steel the containers are weathertight, vermin proof and earthquake-proof.

You do not need to hesitate and do not need to worry about the durability of this unit against various extreme weather.

Customized Your Units
We can also help you if you have a specification request for your unit. You can customize a container shelter according to your needs.

You can let us help you in arranging the delivery of your shelter container until it reaches its destinations. We will help deliver your units safely and quickly.


Type (Tipe) : Shelter container


  • The design enables one person to easily open and close the door of the units
  • It has a strong steel body and structure powerful enough to protect your goods from external damages.
  • This unit can prevail against the sun, rain, and wind. It will be effective to keep your cargo safe.