The company’s 45ft High Cube Containers offer a versatile and convenient transport and storage solution. These containers have been increased in size to enable increased storage capacity. These containers can be easily transported using standard conventional methods. These units also have a width of two pallets wide which means that palleted goods can be stacked with ease and efficiency.


The 45’ High Cube Container is the largest High Cube Shipping Container that we have available. This product has an extraordinary exterior dimension of 45’ long, 8’ wide, and 9.6’ high.

Just like any other container in the High Cube series, this one is also 1’ higher compare with the standard containers. As for the material, it is made of Corten steel, a type of steel that is corrosion resistant.

45’ High Cube Container

With a large capacity provided by its size, Tradecorp’s 45’ High Cube Container is ideal for manufactures and wholesalers. This container enables them to ship their products in large quantities to save costs. Also, if you up for building a container house, using this container will definitely eliminate the feeling of being stuck inside a cramped space.

Furthermore, our 45’ High Cube Container is primarily best for both transporting as well as keeping a large inventory of dry items. The robust and durable mainframe, walls, doors, and understructure makes them reliable in keeping minimum damage to your cargo.

All of our 45’ High Cube Containers meet ISO standards. Additionally, it also comes with a CSC plate that can be renewed every five years. With an active CSC plate, your container can carry out international shipping.

We equipped this container with plywood flooring, forklift pockets, lashing rings, secure lockbox, and sill cutouts. These features will be enough for you to start with, but they can be changed to fit your needs.

Following that, we can customize your 45’ High Cube Container to suit your needs. Some of the available modification and customization options are interior/exterior paint, flooring, easy-open door, lower or higher handles, ventilations, etc.

To ensure the container arrives safely to the destinations, our experienced team can help you plan the most effective route and arrange the right transporter.


External dimensions : L 45’ x W 8’ x H 9.6’
Volume : 86 m³
Tare weight : 4.750 kgs
Max payload : 27.750 kgs
Max cargo : 32.500 kgs