Tradecorp’s industry leading mini set units are a unique storage solution which allows one six ft and one 8ft mini container to be stored inside a single 10ft container. These units can be fully customized to suit any and all customer requirements.


The Mini Sets Shipping Container is a special unit that consists of two 10’ containers, two 8’ containers, and two 6’ containers. Inside of each 10’ container, there will be 8’ and 6’ containers. Then the two 10’ containers will be attached back to back, turning it into one single unit.

After completely attached, our Mini Set Shipping Container will share the same dimension with the 20’ General Purpose Shipping Container. Therefore, you may be able to ship it as 20 General Purpose Shipping Container to save cost. Furthermore, this type of container is mostly used as self-storage units and small office containers. That is because it provides enough space to store items, and it can fit into tight spaces.

In order to ensure the safety of our containers, we always conduct a thorough or detailed safety inspection. In addition to that, the new containers will carry a CSC plate, enabling them to carry out international shipping.

Same with other types of shipping containers, this one has a Corten steel body, corrugated walls, durable plywood floors, and watertight doors. With such features, this container is a reliable storage solution that can protect your goods from external elements.

We can accommodate modification requests in order for this Mini Set Shipping Container to best suit your shipping container needs. We can change the door into an easy open door or rolling door for a much easier process when opening/closing the container’s door.

Experience a stress-free buying process with us because we can take care of every detail. Our experienced staff is pleased to guide you throughout the process. That includes helping you decide the best container for your needs and arranging the delivery of your containers until it reaches its destination.


Includes : two 10’ Containers, two 8’ Containers, two 6’ Containers
External dimensions : L 20’ x W 8’ x H 8.6’