Iso Pneumatic tanks are a tank solution for those wishing to store or transport cement powder, flour, bulk grains, lime, fly-ash and other such materials. These tanks have top loading hatches which allows for tanks payload to be easily and efficiently stored inside the container. These tanks are also fitted with pneumatic air pressure to allow for a fast discharge of the payload through valve discharge ports located at the base of the container.


The 20’ ISO Pneumatic Tank or Cement Tank Container is another series of tanks from the Tradecorp tank container collection. People sometimes call this container a pneumatic tank. It is ideal for transporting and storing bulk powder like cement, lime (calcium oxide), bentonite.

This type of container features a steel frame to protect the tank from collisions. Additionally, the steel frame offers easy and safe handling when moving or transporting it. Furthermore, this tank container has pneumatic loading and internal pressure systems. You can monitor the pressure of the tank through a manometer. Besides, it also features valves for safe discharging and loading.

Powder cargo is quite challenging to transport in large quantities. It can get damaged easily and hardened when contaminated with moisture. Thus, it requires a reliable and proper compartment to maintain the cargo’s quality. By using ISO Pneumatic Tank, you can reduce the risk of cargo damage.


Best of all, this unit is made of the highest quality steel. It can survive extreme weather conditions that it may encounter during the shipping process.

Not to mention, this type of container is safe for repeated use. However, it requires deliberate cleaning to avoid contamination before loading it again with cargo. There are man lids on top of the container to give internal access for cleaning purposes. The crew can use the ladder and safely approach the man lids by walking on the provided platform.

Our 20’ ISO Pneumatic Tank Container is in accordance with the ISO standards. New containers come with a valid CSC plate, so it is qualified for international shipping.

Ultimately, we have an extensive range of tank container variations. Each of them is designed for different purposes to make transporting and storing powder, liquid, and gas more efficient and safer.

Finally, we can help arrange the delivery of your 20’ ISO Pneumatic Tank Container to the desired location. You can also schedule a pick-up from one of our depots.