The company’s extensive range of industry standard offshore DNV ISO Tank solutions, which are fully DNV 2.7-1/EN 12071-1 compliant and can be used to transport hazardous and non-hazardous liquid materials. These tanks can be equipped with insulation, steam heating, refrigeration and electric heating for products, which require temperature control. These units also can be fitted with top and bottom discharge points, linings and other such modifications.


The offshore industry need to transport various kinds of equipment and supplies during operation. Companies must ensure safety and be very careful when transporting hazardous and flammable liquids so they don’t pollute the environment. For that, you must use a container that complies with offshore standards and regulations. Offshore DNV ISO Tank Container is designed to comply with DNV 2.7-1 regulation. The framework and basic structure of this unit are also manufactured according to DNV 2.7-1 standard and follow International ISO standards.

DNV ISO Tank Container

The offshore industry worldwide also recognize DNV 2.7-1 as the international standard for offshore CCUs (Cargo Carrying Units). DNV 2.7-1 was released by the Norwegian International standards organization, Det Norske Veritas. DNV 2.7-1 was first published in 1986 and has quickly become recognized as the standard for the offshore industry. DNV 2.7-1 is a set of stringent material requirements, manufacturing procedures, and maintenance rules that ensure safe cargo transportation within offshore environments.

The offshore DNV ISO tank (DNV Tank Container) is a practical solution that follows the offshore industry standard which is fully DNV 2.7-1 compliant and can be used to transport hazardous and non-hazardous materials. This tank can be equipped with a variety of accessories. These units are also equipped with pad eyes, slings, and shackels so they can be moved by crane.

This DNV Tanks container can also be used to transport LNG gas by ship on the high seas. The emergence of LNG as a low-emission and relatively cost-effective future fuel for ships has driven a boom in development activity across the shipbuilding industry.


The biggest advantage of using the DNV Tank Container is that it can make efficient use of the available space. DNV Tank containers offer safe storage for the transportation of liquids and chemicals. The unit can also be stacked and lifted by a crane. In addition, this container is also equipped with a sling set.

We can provide DNV ISO Tanks Offshore containers of various sizes and carrying capacities. Designed to meet the needs of the transportation and storage of fluids, fuels, and chemicals for offshore exploration activities, Tradecorp is committed to providing fluid handling with high-quality containers and the best possible storage solutions.

Features :

Complies With DNV2.7-1
Anti-corrosion paint
lifting sling and shackles
Stackable with slings still attached
Robust and reliable