40′ T75 Cryogenic Tank

40′ T75 Cryogenic Tank

Product Description

Tradecorp’s T75 Isotank Container for sale. This is a tank that is suitable for your Cryogenic gas transportation needs. Liquid such as LNG, Ethane, Ethylene, Methane, and Liquid Nitrogen. Gases are perfect to use this type of tank container. With the ISO standard we have, we don’t have to worry about our quality. You can use it as an iso bulk container to carry your bulk cargo. We can supply 40ft and 20ft iso tank containers.

In the fast-growing liquefied gas market there is an increasing need for transporting and storing Liquefied gas. Specifically refers to liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquid oxygen (LOX), liquid nitrogen (LIN), liquid argon (LAR), and CO2.

All of these products are experiencing significant market growth. And, as an alternative fuel for ships and trucks and considered the most environmentally friendly fuel, LNG, in particular, has skyrocketed.

LNG is dominated by ethane and methane gas. Usually, it’s widely used as a fuel for vehicles, industrial machinery, power plants, and even fertilizer. Because it has environmentally friendly and non-flammable properties, LNG is safe to use and is in high demand. In developed countries, LNG is widely used as a fuel for vehicles with large loads because it is efficient.

Given the sizable investment required, for example, in an LNG plant where stationary tanks are responsible for keeping the Liquid Natural Gas the need for portable and more affordable intermodal tank containers increases. This will lead to lower operating costs.

Cryogenic tank container design for liquefied gases is a complex task given the applicable standards and regulations and requirements over the tank’s life cycle. This cryogenic container consists of two layers. The outer and the inside layer, namely the inner and outer tanks. Between the two layers, there is a space called a vacuum which functions as a vacuum and air insulation to reduce heat transfer in the tank so transporting this iso tank will remain safe and does not easily get hot if exposed to heat.

With Smart-Flow-Pump functionality, makes the discharging process easier. At Tradecorp, we believe that our tank containers and staff are second to none. We offer our tank containers to the global market, we sell T75 cryogenic tank containers in new and used conditions.

By choosing the T’75 Cryogenic Tank, you get many benefits such as:

  1. No moving parts 
  2. Lifetime warranty on metering section 
  3. High accuracy 
  4. Long term stability Easy Operation 
  5. With Flow-Pump-Smart functionality

Our Isotank has international safety standards and can be sent by many transportation modes, commonly referred to as intermodal tank containers. You can use trucks, ships, and trains to transport these container tanks. 

We serve many international clients. The increasing demand for LNG worldwide has made the demand for LNG transport increase. That is why the choice of using an LNG iso tank container to help your cargo delivery process becomes more manageable and safer. 

Tradecorp is an iso tank container provider where we offer to sell our tank containers. We have new and used iso tanks for sale in Asia/Pacific and other regions. Tradecorp offers you the best solution for tank containers. Our staff will be more than happy to help you find the best solution for your tank container needs. Contact us now to get more information and the best price for you.


Max. Gross : 34.000 KG
TARE : 12.000 KG
Max. Payload : 22.000 KG

Tank Capacity : 46.000 L



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