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    The 20′ DNV Accomodation is one of Tradecorp’s most common accomodation units for offshore platforms. This unit can accomodate up to 2 people and includes a multitude of beneficial features. It has A60 fire proofed wall panels to ensure thermal resistance and noise reduction. It also includes adequate safety features such as HVAC systems, escape doors and windows, smoke detector, sprinkler, alarms, and many more. Tradecorp ensures quality through the global compliance of DNV2.7-1 or BS EN120798/CSC to guarantee standard regulations are followed.

    Our offshore DNV Standard Containers are fully DNV 2.7-1/EN 12071-1 compliant and are primarily used for the storage and transportation of goods. Their application varies greatly and can be used both domestically and industrially to store items such as machinery, tools, personal items and much more.

    Our Offshore DNV containers are a durable container made specifically for offshore purposes. These units have detachable roofs allowing for goods to be easily lowered and sealed in the container. These units also come fixed with multiple forklift pockets allowing for easy mobility and transportation.

    Our Bottle Rack units are an offshore storage solution for liquid or gas filled bottles. These units are fully DNV 2.7-1/EN 12071-1 compliant and can be customized to comply with any and all customer requirements. These Bottle Racks are fitted with forklift pockets on all sides to allow for easy transportation and are also equipped with lashing points to ensure that cargo is tightly secured.

    Our offshore DNV Half Height Containers are fully DNV 2.7-1/EN 12071-1 compliant and have a range of applications such as transporting bulk products for offshore oil and gas platforms and are fitted with removable hard roofs. They are fitted with normal swing doors at the front and rear hinge doors to allow for fast unloading when tipped. These units come in a range of sizes and heights and can be customized to conform to any specific customer requirements.

    Tradecorp’s 20ft Hard Open Top container is fitted with swing header at the rear doors, steel removable roof and roof bows. These units are Ideal for carrying or storing machinery, or where overhead loading and unloading is required.

    Tradecorp’s offshore DNV mini containers are fully DNV 2.7-1/EN 12071-1 compliant and provide a compact solution for storing and transporting items. Mini containers are a great solution for those with limited space with the height allowing many larger items to be stored within the container. These units will leave your mind at ease due to the heavy duty and secure nature of the product. These units can be customized to include vents and internal door release systems. A great storage solution for both domestic and industrial applications.

    Tradecorp’s Mud Cutting Boxes are an offshore DNV container designed to safely store, contain and transfer waste produced from offshore drilling. These units are fully DNV 2.7-1/EN 12071-1 compliant and are also equipped to safely store drill cuttings, discarded mud and drilling fluids and come fitted with lids.

    Our offshore baskets are an offshore storage solution, which are fully DNV 2.7-1/EN 12071-1 compliant. These baskets can be customized and manufactured in a number of lengths and sizes that compliment customer requirements.

    Tradecorp’s quality offshore DNV Refrigerated container units, commonly known as ‘reefers’ which have a built-in refrigerator system allowing the unit to safely transport or store perishable products or products which must be kept at a specific temperature. These units use a simple ‘plug and play’ power input, which allows the units to be powered in a quick and efficient manner. Trade Corp’s Refrigerated container units are fully DNV 2.7-1/EN 12071-1 compliant and can be customized in length, power, design and be fitted with many types of accessories to meet the requirements of the customer.

    Tradecorp’s special DNV frame containers are a unique storage solution specifically designed for offshore facilities. These units are specifically designed to securely store items as to prevent them from falling or spilling.

Offshore DNV units are specifically manufactured for use on offshore oil and gas platforms and are fully DNV 2.7-1/EN 12071-1 compliant. These units are manufactured to comply with offshore safety regulations to ensure that the safety of offshore platforms is not compromised.

The 20 feet High Cube Container is designed for storing and transporting oversized items that can’t fit the standard container. Moreover, this extra 1ft taller container is the most cost-saving solution for businesses because they can fill more bulk items into it. Its frame, sides, doors, and understructure are made with Corten steel to withstand a long period of usage and extreme conditions.

Also, it is worth noting that this container type shares some similarities with the standard container, for example, maximum gross weight, maximum payload, and other features.

Furthermore, this type of container is very versatile, starting from storing and transporting goods, to transformation projects. Some of the popular transformation projects these days are turning containers into houses, shops, café, and medical units.

This unit is available for sale or lease in new as well as used conditions. Regarding delivery, we have an extensive delivery coverage area, which includes inside and outside of Indonesia. Our team is glad to assist you throughout your journey of getting the perfect container to fulfill your needs.

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