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Our Offshore DNV containers are a durable container made specifically for offshore purposes. These units have detachable roofs allowing for goods to be easily lowered and sealed in the container. These units also come fixed with multiple forklift pockets allowing for easy mobility and transportation.


Tradecorp’s 20 DNV Open Top Container is built to support the harsh environment of offshore activities. This unit is designed to give you maximum strength. Thus, it will remain strong even when left exposed to extreme weather conditions.


This container comes with the standard DNV features. It has robust slings and shackles, which enable the container to be moved safely by crane. Additionally, you can securely cover this container with tarpaulin by tying it to securing points position across the unit. That allows you to provide cover to the stored items when needed. Furthermore, with a reinforced structure, our 20 DNV Open Top Shipping Container is highly durable and can endure stacking.

This container is suitable to support the oil & gas industry and other sectors that involved offshore activities. It can be used as a transport or storing unit for cargo, equipment, tools, etc.

All of our new 20 DNV Open Top Container are in accordance with DNV 2.7-1 standards. Thus, they are ready to support your offshore activity purposes.

Not to mention, this type of container also comes with an anti-slip floor surface, cargo lashing points, and forklift pockets. Also, our container has few drainages to separate water from cargo and prevent added water weight from getting into the container’s gross weight.

Furthermore, we can customize this container to suit your needs. For example, we can include your container with cargo restraining nets or any other features that suitable for DNV containers.

Lastly, this container will be shipped from our nearest depot that has this container available. Our professional staff can help you to plan the safest and most-effective route to deliver your container. We have assisted many clients in the past and without fail in delivering their containers on time.


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