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The Tradecorp 20’ High Cube Insulated Containers are a purpose built Insulated Container that uses the same structural design and technology as the Refrigerated Container, but without the cooling machine. The benefit of a Tradecorp Insulated Container is it can maintain a relatively stable internal temperature. The Insulated Container can be used in both extremely cold conditions and warm conditions, whilst keeping the internal cargo safe from the extreme temperatures. The Insulated Container can be fitted with T-Bar Flooring or the Flat Floor Design. These floors are designed to withstand forklifts and pallet jack movements to make the unloading and loading process quick and safe. If our Insulated Container isn’t quite what your Business requires, please discuss with your customised design that better suits your requirements.


High Cube Container

High Cube insulated Container is known for its extra height feature. This container has exterior dimensions of 20’ long, 8’ wide, and 9.6’ tall. Given that, it is 1’ taller compare to the standard shipping container.

With this type of containers, you can make everything more effective in terms of transporting and storing cargo. The additional 1’ height feature opens up another ± 4 m3 of area. As a result, you can now fit more bulk items or transport items that are normally too big or too tall for standard shipping container.

Tradecorp’s 20’ High Cube Container meets the requirements of ISO standardization. Therefore, it comes with a CSC plate that is valid for five years.

Dry Storage Solution

Furthermore, this container falls within the category of dry container. That makes them suitable to transport dry goods domestically or internationally. In addition, Insulated container can also be utilized as a permanent or temporary dry storage solution for both businesses and homeowners.

The 20’ High Cube Container comes with a modern plywood floorboard then coated with polyurethane. You will spend less on maintenance costs because that flooring is easy to clean and long-lasting. Furthermore, we can customize our 20’ High Cube Container to have higher or lower handles per your request. By customizing the handles according to your standard will make a smooth experience when opening and closing the container’s door.

On top of that, the interior and exterior design can be customized up to suit your needs.

Lastly, our professional carrier can help to arrange the delivery of this product to the desired locations. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, you can experience worry-free container purchases from Tradecorp 


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