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    Tradecorp’s quality open top containers are fitted with a tarpaulin curtain as a roof to allow for efficient and easy unloading and loading of heavy goods which require lowered roof entry. These units also fitted with rear swing doors. These units can also be used to store large items. Click HERE for more information on Open Top Containers.

    Tradecorp’s industry standard Pallet Wide containers are an effective transport solution for freighting palleted goods. These units are able to be packed at two pallets wide and are available in standard container and high cube container sizes.

    Tradecorp’s platforms are versatile units, which can be used as overhead storage bases, counterweights, bridges for vehicles, scaffolding base, walkways and viewing platforms. These units can also be used for transporting oversized cargo too large for using standard containers. Click HERE for more information on Platforms .

    Our industry leading roll containers offer an onsite transportation solution for moving containers. These units come in both 62ft and 80ft lengths. These units are ideal for moving multiple containers short distance with ease.
  • shelter container


    Our shelter containers offer a quality workplace solution, which allows activities to continue despite undesirable weather conditions. These units use a large tarpaulin fixed to stacked containers to provide a temporary roofed space. This product is not a fixed structure and therefore can be easily relocated.

    Tradecorp’s industry leading side door units are available in a rage of sizes ranging from 20ft to 40ft in length. These containers have two bi-fold doors and a mezzanine deck which can be raised and lowered depending on the goods being transported or stored. These side door units increase the ease and efficiency of loading and unloading cargo. The unit is also equipped with a lashing system and full tie down point access to ensure goods stored inside the container are properly secured..

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