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Tradecorp has an extensive range of specialized containers and industry quality products suited to every specific customer requirement. These products can be customized and come in a number of varying models and sizes.

The 20 feet High Cube Container is designed for storing and transporting oversized items that can’t fit the standard container. Moreover, this extra 1ft taller container is the most cost-saving solution for businesses because they can fill more bulk items into it. Its frame, sides, doors, and understructure are made with Corten steel to withstand a long period of usage and extreme conditions.

Also, it is worth noting that this container type shares some similarities with the standard container, for example, maximum gross weight, maximum payload, and other features.

Furthermore, this type of container is very versatile, starting from storing and transporting goods, to transformation projects. Some of the popular transformation projects these days are turning containers into houses, shops, café, and medical units.

This unit is available for sale or lease in new as well as used conditions. Regarding delivery, we have an extensive delivery coverage area. Our team is glad to assist you throughout your journey of getting the perfect container to fulfill your needs.


    Tradecorp offers various specialised containers such as the hard top open top containers. The main difference of this container and other open top containers is how the body and roof is built. This container is very sturdy and can be used for various uses, including storing large items and heavy goods. The open top feature enables easy loading and unloading process. This container is also easy to transport.
  • duocon-eod-6

    20’ Duocon Container, Easy Opening Door

    With two sets of doors, Duocon Container is the right product for many applications. Doors at both ends provide easy access, unlike standard containers that only have doors at one end. With a single locking bar, this easy-open door allows easy access without having to open and close two locking bars everytime You open the door. 10-feet containers are often more expensive to ship because they require additional handling. By joining two 10ft containers, we get a standard size (20ft) container. 20 feet is a standard size that is relatively easy to transport by ship, train, or truck. Because it consists of two 10-foot containers. It can also be separated into two 10ft units. This is very useful when two separate storage area are needed. Use of the Duocon containers includes weather-resistant storage, overseas transportation, mobile offices and modular buildings, machinery and equipment storage, shelters, and much more. If you need a container with easy opening doors at each end, this is the perfect type for You. All parts of this container, from the base frame, wall, doors and substructure, are made of strong corten steel. This solid structure protects the internal cargo. Equipped with forklift pockets, this device is easy to move with a forklift. Ventilation is also provided for air circulation of the stored product. In addition, it is equipped with a lock box and a plywood floor. They can be stacked and are good for transporting various dry goods. Feel free to call us if you are looking for a Duocon container. Our staff will be happy to help you get the container you want. SPECIFICATIONS : External dimensions: L 20’ x W 8’ x H 8.6’ Volume : 32.2 m³ Tare weight : 2.750 kgs Max payload : 27.730 kgs Max Gross Weight : 30.480 kgs
  • 20′ DUO-CON

    Tradecorp’s 20′ Duo-Con units are a quality product made from two 10ft containers welded together which if need be can be separated into two 10ft containers. This unit functions as one container with a separation wall dividing the unit into two halves. These Duo-Con units are ideal for transporting goods or even used as an effective storage solution.

    The Tradecorp 20’ High Cube Insulated Containers are a purpose built Insulated Container that uses the same structural design and technology as the Refrigerated Container, but without the cooling machine. The benefit of a Tradecorp Insulated Container is it can maintain a relatively stable internal temperature. The Insulated Container can be used in both extremely cold conditions and warm conditions, whilst keeping the internal cargo safe from the extreme temperatures. The Insulated Container can be fitted with T-Bar Flooring or the Flat Floor Design. These floors are designed to withstand forklifts and pallet jack movements to make the unloading and loading process quick and safe. If our Insulated Container isn’t quite what your Business requires, please discuss with your customised design that better suits your requirements.

    The company’s 45ft High Cube Containers offer a versatile and convenient transport and storage solution. These containers have been increased in size to enable increased storage capacity. These containers can be easily transported using standard conventional methods. These units also have a width of two pallets wide which means that palleted goods can be stacked with ease and efficiency.

    Tradecorp’s Bulk Containers are a great solution for transporting bulk products such as grains and other loose bulk commodities. This unit utilizes three circular roof side hatch points, lower rear door discharge hatches and a regular front opening doors to allow for easy and efficient loading and unloading of cargo. Trade Corp also has the ability to supply customers with bulk container accessories such as linen bag systems and hoppers. Bulk containers can also function the same as a normal container in their ability to transport and store pallets at a width of two pallets wide.

    Tradecorp’s industry leading Curtain Side containers are a great secure and durable transport solution as the curtain covers both long sides of the container and can be easy accessed to allow for easy and efficient unloading and loading of cargo. The length of these units can be customized to the requirement customer.

    Our industry leading Dangerous Goods Containers mitigate the risk of storing hazardous liquids, goods and chemicals by storing them in a safe and secure container. These containers can be modified to be equipped with ventilation, internal door release systems and stainless steel lockable valves in the bund wall to ensure all safety measures have been upheld. These containers are ideal for storing oils, paints, diesel, chemicals, class 3 flammables and any other dangerous materials. These units are easily portable and their varying size allows them to be stored in large open spaces or areas with limited space. Click HERE for more information on Dangerous Goods Containers.
  • Double Door


    Our industry leading Double Door container units function similarly to single door containers, however these units come fitted with doors at the front and rear ends of the container. These units are ideal for loading large or heavy machinery that requires cargo to be loaded and/or unloaded from either end of the container. Double Door containers are ideal for transporting goods in addition to a practical storage solution.
  • explosive magazines


    Tradecorp’s quality and secure Explosive Magazine Container Units are equipped to safely store explosive materials. The unit has been modified to have a 5mm thick steel wall and a 10mm thick steel door. All units are equipped with an internal quick release locking system in addition to an external key locking system. These units can be manufactured in a number of sizes and modified in many ways to meet the requirements of the customers needs. Click HERE for more information on Explosive Magazine containers.

    Tradecorp’s Industry leading Flat Rack Units are a transportation solution for heavy cargo loads that are required to be loaded from the top or from the sides of the container. This includes such items as large machinery and piping. Tradecorp manufactures both collapsible and non-collapsible Flat Racks allowing even more larger objects to be transported easily and efficiently. Click HERE for more information on flat racks.
  • half height containers


    Tradecorp’s Half Height containers have a range of applications such as transporting bulk products for mining operations. These units are fitted with removable hard roofs and normal swing doors at the front and rear hinge doors to allow for fast unloading when tipped. These units come in a range of sizes and heights and can be customized to conform to any specific customer requirements.  

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