4 Fascinating Container Hotels Worldwide

4 Fascinating Container Hotels Worldwide
November 15, 2022 Tradecorpwebteam
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Container Hotels

Not only are shipping containers used for storing and transporting goods worldwide, but they are also increasingly adopted as alternative building structures to conventional structures. The utility of container units in architectural applications is underlined by their adequate availability and inherent qualities. Therefore, architects use steel boxes to build homes, small apartments, dormitories, offices, and hotels. Let’s explore 4 fascinating container hotels that give guests memorable experiences. 

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 Hougoumont Hotel 

Situated in the heart of the coastal town of Fremantle, Australia, the Hougoumont is a boutique hotel that is constructed out of recycled container units. This container hotel gives guests the enjoyment of marine neighborhoods. The Hougoumont combines the old-time beauty of a 1901 traditional building structure with industrial container-based structures. The fuse allows guests to enjoy the memory of past Fremantle and the contemporary container-based design. 

 Quadrum Gaudari Ski & Yoga Resort 

Constructed from recycled shipping containers, the Quadrum in Georgia is designed to resemble a pyramid shape. This alpine-inspired eco-friendly hotel is built 2,200 meters above sea level. The Quadrum hotel boasts its minimalist design and allows guests to enjoy the view of the Caucasus Mountains.  

 Tiny Urban Escapes 

Embracing the sustainability and eco-sensitivity concept, Robin Staten-Lanier built her intimate boutique hotel out of upcycled shipping containers. Situated in Indianapolis, the Tiny Urban Escapes are constructed by fusing 20’ shipping containers and a 40’ shipping container. Robin explains that her Tiny Urban Escapes offers guests the pleasure of greenery suites as she encloses Parisian garden-inspired greenspace in her hotel. 

 Contain Hotel 

Situated on the banks of the Elbe River, the Contain Hotel is a two-storied hotel made from upcycled shipping containers. The ground level consists of two steel boxes that are repurposed into bathrooms. Atop these two containerized bathrooms, a 40-foot-long container unit is stacked and repurposed into four minimalist-inspired rooms with big glass windows. The four rooms share a terrace where guests can enjoy the natural landscape of the Elbe River. 

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