New Recycled Shipping Container Townhome Units in McKinney

New Recycled Shipping Container Townhome Units in McKinney
November 23, 2022 Tradecorpwebteam
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Recycled Shipping Container

A housing community located in McKinney, Texas is set to build its very first townhouse units.  The housing units are built entirely from recycled shipping container. The developer of this housing aims to provide affordable housing to families in need of proper housing units. The development of this townhome housing partners with McKinney’s officials. Furthermore, the development is the city’s broader quest for more cost-effective housing options. Based on local papers, at least half of the apartments are not available to be purchased or rented by low-income families.  

Affordable housing option for low-income families

The townhouse is predicted to be in completion by early January 2023. The townhouse is an affordable housing option for low to moderate-income families. According to a news release, the families qualified to purchase the units are chosen under a humanity program.

The price of the materials used to build the units of the townhouse is lower compared to that of a conventional home. That is because all units in the townhouse are constructed from recycled shipping container. Therefore, the construction of townhouse units is less expensive than that of traditional homes.

The price of a townhouse unit is affordable, and low-income families only need to spend a little percentage of their income to purchase the unit. In fact, the developer decides not to burden low-income families with interest over the payment of housing installments. Additionally, the developer has just completed 26 new units for sale that are ready to be purchased in early 2023. These new units consist of single-family units and duplex units.

The townhouse units are complete with amenities for socializing and physical exercise. Moreover, the playground equipment will have been completed in early 2023. Five homes are now being built as part of the development, two of which should be completed and ready for occupancy in early 2023. 

By far the developer has approved nine families to occupy housing units in the first phase of the townhomes initiative. Indeed, the developer is still opening applications for the remaining 26 units. 

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