Stored inside Idle Containers at Ports: What Happens to Abandoned Cargoes?

Stored inside Idle Containers at Ports: What Happens to Abandoned Cargoes?
November 22, 2022 Tradecorpwebteam
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The shipping process leaves the question of what happens to abandoned cargoes? The possible answers are varied. The unclaimed cargoes take up a lot of space because they should be stored inside shipping containers at ports. That condition leads to massive non-operating containers sitting idle at ports worldwide and becomes a challenge that most ports worldwide should resolve. Therefore, there should proper solutions for reducing the number of unclaimed cargoes, and the solutions will directly reduce the number of non-operating containers that still hold the leftover cargoes.

Responsibility for handling leftover cargoes

If carriers determine that shippers are unreliable, the carriers may hold themselves free from the responsibility for tackling unclaimed cargoes. Also, they can seek help from regional port laws who will assist them in identifying the causes of abandoned cargo.

To prevent any problems caused by leftover cargo, it is crucial to have liability insurance to keep your cargoes safe from abandonment. The success of your business will depend on your ability to keep these in mind. Knowing who is carrying your cargo will help you avoid possible loss.

Consequences for the environment

The abandoned steel boxes may pollute the ocean water because they can contain hazardous compounds. That abandonment leads to severe algae growth, and the abandoned shipping containers that turn to rust can also harm aquatic wildlife. 

Purchasing and selling abandoned cargoes

The abandoned cargoes may be sold by shippers at public or private auctions. The shippers may ask their office staff to manage the auctions by advertising the date of the auctions in various social media canals. The advertisement will encourage potential buyers to examine and inspect to be auctioned cargoes before they buy them.

Digitalization is a solution 

A digitalization system will process and integrate the raw data obtained from the digital means, and in turn, the digital means will provide users like freight forwarders and shippers with information on whereabouts, delays, and arrival. That digitalization system ensures easy tracking and therefore reduces the possibility of leftover cargo at ports.

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