Are Used Shipping Containers Worth Buying?

Are Used Shipping Containers Worth Buying?
November 21, 2022 Tradecorpwebteam
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The majority of novice buyers of shipping containers will have a common assumption that used shipping containers cost far cheaper in comparison to new ones. Cost-wise, it is undeniably true that buying used ones is more budget-friendly as they are second-hand. Quality and durability-wise? It speaks differently because they come with different conditions. Used shipping container cost varies depending on their initial quality before buying them from the suppliers. Generally, they are divided into three categories: Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C. 

Which one is worth buying? 

Even though used shipping container Grade C offers affordable prices. These Grade C containers come with their own drawbacks. Usually, they come with a lot of patches, repairs, and rust. So, better be ready to spend more money on upgrading the units for improved functionality. Grade C used shipping container is typically utilized for non-shipping purposes or on-site storage unit. Additionally, they are often repurposed for other applications such as container houses, container farms, pools, art studios, and endless architectural buildings.

What about the other two?

It depends greatly on how you want to use the containers. If you aim to use the containers for shipping intention then Grade A containers are the right choice because they come with minimum repairs and patches. The repair cost also won’t be as costly as Grade B or C containers. 

Similar to Grade C containers, Grade B containers also usually have a lot of patches and repairs but they can be as fully functional as function as the normal shipping containers with upgrades. However, the cost to repair the damages is far higher than the grade A containers. The better type is the one that suits your purposes and financial expenses. 

To buy the used shipping containers for sale with the right cost to accommodate the specific shipping type, please fill in the quote on our web form. Our team of experts will help you to find the right container that works for you. 

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