Shipping Containers in Sports Industry: The Rise of Container-Based Athletic Facilities

Shipping Containers in Sports Industry: The Rise of Container-Based Athletic Facilities
February 1, 2024 Tradecorpwebteam
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Shipping containers have been modified into buildings and facilities to help businesses across the globe excel in their respective industries. Sports is one industry that has utilized shipping containers to improve the fan experience, upgrade stadiums and sports facilities, and more.

With the versatility of the sea containers and innovative modifications, they have been a cost-effective solution to store equipment and provide temporary or permanent spaces for athletes.

Repurposed conex box in the sports industry

Due to their durability and portability, shipping containers can be easily modified into sports facilities or buildings to support the team. One of the most recent projects using used shipping containers in the sports industry is World Cup’s Fan Village Cabins Free Zone in Qatar.

Around 6000 hotel containers are provided by FIFA for the fans who would like to watch the World Cup from Doha. During the World Cup, hotels in Doha were flooded with fans from around the world. These cabins were expected to comfortably accommodate fans when supporting their favorite teams. Rooms have a queen bed or a twin bed with a small bathroom and a small fridge.

Another example of repurposing shipping containers for sports is the Fortress Obetz in Obetz, Ohio. Fortress Obetz is the largest shipping container structure in the US that is used as a public gathering space for lacrosse games and festivals. The building resembles a medieval fortress. The surrounding corrugated steel walls have ticket booths, administrative offices, and locker rooms. On the second floor, visitors enjoy bar service on the open patios.

Purchase and rent shipping containers

Using used shipping containers for sports facilities is a unique and cost-effective solution. For businesses and individuals who seek used shipping containers for sale and rent, Tradecorp offers various types and sizes of sea containers. Modifications are possible as we also provide custom orders according to your requirements. Fill out the form on our page and enter your details inquiry. Expect one of our sales to contact you promptly.