Our industry leading Generator Container Units are a customized power supply solution suitable for a wide range of projects. These units can be equipped with generators with a range of power capacities to suit the specific requirements of all client projects. These Generator Container units are easily transportable which make them ideal for onsite construction or mining projects.








Tradecorp’s 20’ High Cube Generator Container is a feature-packed container that acts as a safe house for the generator stored inside. Besides, moving a generator around is made easy and secure with this type of container.

A generator is a heavy machinery that requires special care. Also, moving it around is not an easy task considering its characteristics. Thus, this container is equipped with special features to make them suitable for carrying a generator as well as to protect the machine from damage.

First, we strengthen the structure and body of this container. Its floor and roof can uphold multiple times more weight than the standard container. That is because the generator is extremely heavy, and some of its parts weigh a ton.

Next, it has an opening throughout one of its sides. Thus, getting the generator into the container will be an easy and smooth process.


This container has ventilations to prevent the engine from heating up. One full air vent is located at the rear end for cooling the radiator. Another two placed on sidewall panels and side door.

Additionally, there is a small glass window at the front end. From this window, you can directly operate the digital controller without entering the container,

Furthermore, this container already has light fixtures and wirings installed.

All things considered, our 20’ High Cube Generator Container is all set and ready to use. We carefully consider everything, even to the smallest detail.

It’s important to note that different generators might require different configurations. We can modify the container according to a particular generator. Just send us the details, and we will take it from there.

Not to mention, our experienced staff is ready to help you arrange the shipment of your order. Your 20’ High Cube Generator Container will safely arrive right when you need it.


External dimensions : L 20’ x W 8’ x H 9.6’