Tradecorp’s 40ft High Cube Refrigerated container units which have a built in refrigerator system allowing the units to safely transport or store perishable products or products which must be kept at a specific temperature. These units are ideal for storing and transporting goods at cold and hot temperatures. These units use a simple ‘plug and play’ power input, which allows the units to be powered electrically in a quick and efficient manner or can be powered through a diesel powered generator. Refrigerated container units can be customized in length, power, and design and can be fitted with various types of accessories to meet customer requirements. Our units can also be fitted with GPS tracking systems and remote satellite temperature functionality allowing the container temperature to be monitored and configured remotely.


Tradecorp’s 40’ High Cube Refrigerated Container is an ideal solution for transporting and storing temperature-sensitive product transport. This unit has a cooling system that distributes cool air across your entire goods, preventing them from getting spoiled or damaged due to improper climate. Additionally, this type of container is 1’ taller than the standard one. With that, you can fit more items into it and save some cost from the shipment.

40’ High Cube Refrigerated Container

Next, you can choose to equip this container with any of these cooling engine options. We have Daikin, Carrier, as well as Thermo King available, and each of them has a different lowest temperature they can reach. As for Daikin is -30°C to -35°C. Carrier’s lowest temperature is -35°C. Meanwhile, Thermo King’s lowest temperature is -40°C.

Furthermore, this 40’ High Cube Refrigerated Container has a T-Bar floor and stainless-steel interior to support cold temperature climate. Moreover, you can easily control the container’s temperature, ventilation, and humidity using a digital controller located at the front side. You can use this type of container for transporting/storing products that require consistent cold conditions, such as fresh food supplies as well as medical products.

Just like other new containers we have, this one also meets the ISO requirements and receives a CSC plate. Given that the container fulfills the criteria for international shipping.

On top of that, you can modify and customize this container to best suit your needs. For example, this 20’ High Cube Refrigerated Container can have a flat floor, curtain, GPS, internal release safety lock, led lamps, alarm lamp, or electric switch decals.

To save you the trouble, we can help arrange the shipment of the container you order until it arrives at its destination. Simply send us the location details and our experience hauler will take care of the rest.

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