You have a number of employees who need a place to hang out, dining, or have a meeting, or just chat after a long day at work. Our mess hall unit is ideal for those of you who need several container units as a place for employees to gather. We can design and build the mess hall you need. You can make a mess hall from 20 and 40FT Mess Hall sizes according to your needs. 

40FT Mess Hall

Our team is used to modifying containers into mess halls according to your requirements. This unit is custom made with furniture such as table and chairs upon request. Using this unit makes communication between employees in your office better and more intense. This modified container can be used for various activities such as eating, gathering, resting and even informal meetings. This unit is suitable for resting after work to unwind. This type of container is ideal for all project sites, especially those located in remote areas. These units can be equipped with all common facilities such as table, chairs, microwave, refrigerator and other facilities. 

Our 40FT Mess Hall main structuere is standard containers made of corten steel, which is a type of steel that is strong and durable. By using this Mess hall, you don’t need to worry if you want to move this unit because it is portable so it is easy to move to another place. This container is suitable for those of you who need a place to gather, eat and rest at the project site, mining site or your business environment. The roof and walls are coated, this coating is a quality coating for applications in buildings, containers and manufacturing. In addition to the insulation layer, the ceiling and walls are usually coated with melamine.

One Solution

Our mess hall is one solution in meeting the needs of dining and resting rooms. The 40FT Mess Hall is designed by considering the number of users and comfortable conditions. The sizes of our 20′ feet container are 20′ x 8′ x 8.6 and 40′ feet 40 x 8′ x 8.6′, also available in high cube type with a height of 9.6 feet which you can choose if you need a larger space. These containers can be disassembled and reassembled many times. 

Every company must have their own needs for the dining and resting rooms that they want to use, we can meet your mess hall container needs, you can “custom” it according to your company’s needs. What we can accommodate is the size of the mess hall, paint color, facilities and much more. You can ask us what kind of break room and dining room you want. Maybe you need to consider the location and number of employees who will work there so that it really fits your needs.

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