Our refurbished 40ft HC containers have been properly straightened so that all paneling is straightened and aligned. These units have also been given repainted both internally and externally.


Tradecorp’s 40ft hc refurbished has a special height feature that differs them from a standard container. It has a height of 9.6’ which makes them 1’ taller than the standard shipping container. Furthermore, it is long and 8’ wide.


This type of container is the most ideal for shipping or storing cargo that is light and voluminous. In addition, it is long lasting, windtight, water resistant, and it can withstand extreme temperature. Also, it is perfect for container modifications projects due to bigger space provided by its size. We can help to turn this container into genset storage, accommodation units, offices, café, or any other buildings.

All of our new containers meet the ISO criteria and pass the CSC safety check. Thus, it carries a CSC plate that lasts for five years since the issuance date.

It is important to note that this unit is specialized for dry cargo only. For commercial applications, this 40ft hc refurbished can fit up to 21 standard pallet sizes safely and appropriately. Meanwhile, for the living establishment, it creates enough room a family of four depending on the design.

Furthermore, this type of container is also made of high-quality Corten steel, so it won’t easily corrode. Our 40’ High Cube Container also includes lashing rings that you can use to securely tie your cargo. Moreover, the flooring type is low-maintenance plywood that can last for a very long time.

Above all, we can accommodate customization requests to make the  High Cube Containers best suit your needs.

Our team is glad to guide you right from the start of your container procurement process. Also, we can help you to arrange the delivery of your unit until it is arrived safely at the requested locations. Contact us right now and get the best offer for this container!