This 20′ laboratory unit container laboratory is built from a standard 20-feet container that has been modified into a laboratory for healthcare facilities. This container laboratory is suitable for usage in remote regions or project areas that demand special laboratory facilities, and it is portable, allowing it to be moved around once your project is over or if there is a need to do so. 

Insulated 20′ laboratory Unit Containers

These insulated laboratory unit containers can be equipped with a variety of amenities such as workbenches, enclosed shelving, air conditioning, and specialized testing equipment. You can also provide your laboratory with a variety of other necessities. 

This container laboratory offers adequate laboratory space. This unit can be set up for temporary or long-term use. Suitable for use as a unit that stays in one place or regularly moving. 

The container has the advantages of weather resistance, strength, and can be modified according to customer requirements. The sturdy steel frame of this equipment is an ideal base frame for container laboratories.  https://www.dictionary.com/browse/amenities

Solutions for your Laboratory

Tradecorp provides solutions for your laboratory, whether it is medical or chemical testing or industrial plants. The laboratory can be built with standard containers, or it can be used at sea according to the DNV 2.7-1 standard. 

If you require more airflow, you can also add ventilation. Non-combustible insulation material has been used to line our laboratory. Wood veneers or vinyl veneers are two possibilities for changing container flooring to make them safe and easy to maintain. You can also remove the entire layer of wood and replace it with another sort of laboratory-safe flooring. We can also add doors and windows, fire and emergency exits, and electrical installations.