Tradecorp can supply the Super-Freezer Option that maintains cargo in a -60 C cargo temperature in any ambient. For storage of high-value cargo such as sashimi-grade tuna, swordfish, or sea urchins, preserving first-day product freshness, taste, texture, and value through long-haul sea transportation. These specially designed reefer containers come with increased insulation on both walls and doors which provides the container with far lower internal temperature, even when the engine is not operational the air temperature remains stable and consistent.


Tradecorp’s 20′ Super Freezer -60C has a powerful Thermo King cooling system that can go down to -60°C. Given that this container is effective in maintaining an extremely low temperature of the cargo inside.

Besides, our 20 Refrigerated Super Freezer Container comes with a T-bar floor to ensure cold air reaches below your shipment and across it, resulting in steady temperature through the container. Moreover, this type of container has a full stainless-steel interior, Corten steel frame, drains, and dehumidification system.

Shipping temperature-sensitive products across the world are now possible with our 20′ Super Freezer -60C. This product is generally used to move/store cargo such as tuna and other high-grade seafood and meats. You can rest assure as the freshness of the items will remain even after the container got exposed to heat during transport.

Super Freezer Container

On top of that, all of our new containers meet the ISO standards. Thus, it is ready to cover your international shipping needs as it has a valid CSC plate.

Not to mention, this reliable cold transport unit is easy to operate. It has a plug-in system to power the cooling engine as well as a digital controller to set a specific temperature, humidity, and ventilation.

Additionally, we offer modifications and customizations to upgrade the features of your 20 Refrigerated 20′ Super Freezer -60C. We can include the container with a GPS to know the live locations of your container. Moreover, we can add an internal release safety lock, led lamps, alarm lamp to improve the safety when operating the container. Also, the container can have a curtain to prevent significant temperature drop when opening the container’s door.

Lastly, we have experienced staff ready to help arrange the delivery of your container to make your container procurement process easier on you.

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