Our 20′ Shower Container offers all the essential facilities needed for a public restroom.

We equip it with two urinals that are separated with a small partition for better privacy. Additionally, there are two private toilets and each of them has a sitting toilet, jet washer, and exhaust fan. Plus, we install two faucets in the ablution area to accommodate two people at the same time.

20′ Shower Container

Our 20′ Shower Container comes with excellent quality stainless-steel floor for easy cleaning. The floor also has texture to prevent slip. Furthermore, we fully cover the container’s interior walls with bathroom wall panels that have an impressive water resistance capacity.

This type of container is an ideal public toilet solution for construction projects, festivals, and other types of outdoor activities. Not only does it serve its purposes, but it also has a clean and beautiful look from the outside.

We build the 20′ Shower Container by using the 20’ General Purpose Container. Thus, the durability, portability, and weather tightness are beyond doubt.

Not to mention, we can upgrade this container to have better features and facilities to fulfill your requirements. For instance, we can add a sink area, shower area, other toilet accessories, and even change the design into a female toilet.

Above all, our experienced staff is glad to help arrange the shipment of this container and save you from the trouble. We will recommend the most efficient way to transport your 20’ Male Toilet Container (White & Blue Stripe) from our nearest depot that has this container available to its destination.