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Tradecorp’s 20′ Duo-Con units are a quality product made from two 10ft containers welded together which if need be can be separated into two 10ft containers. This unit functions as one container with a separation wall dividing the unit into two halves. These Duo-Con units are ideal for transporting goods or even used as an effective storage solution.



Tradecorp’s 20’ Duo-con Container consists of two 10’ Mini Shipping Containers that are joined together to create a single unit. This type of container helps to save costs because you can ship it with cargo. Meanwhile, for the 10’ containers, they can only be shipped empty.

20’ Duo-con

Given that, if you need 10’ containers, getting a 20’ Duo-con Container might be a better option for you. Upon its arrival, just cut them in half, then weld the end walls in, and you get yourself two 10’ Mini Shipping Containers.

Furthermore, this type of container will have two doors located on each end. Additionally, we design it to have no barrier in the middle so you can fill it with goods from one end to other end. Further, you may experience quick loading and unloading process since those can be done from both entries at the same time.

This container offers you safe and secure storage and transportation unit for dry items. This container is made of strong Corten steel and secured properly to make sure it is weathertight and strong enough to protect the goods stored inside from external harms.


The new 20’ Duo-con Container carries a CSC that stays active for five years period. The CSC plate is required for international shipping purposes.

This type of container also features a watertight door, plywood floor, standard locking system, and forklift pockets. This container will also give you more flexibility for future selling. You can sell it as two 10’ Mini Shipping Containers, or you can sell it in whole as 20’ Duo-con Container.

In order for you to have a container that suits your needs, we offer modification and customization services. You can make changes to its exterior/interior color, floor (polyurethane coating, steel, bamboo, hazmat, etc.), locking gear height. Also, we can include a lockbox, ventilation, tie bar & tie rail, as well as lashing rings to your container.

We are happy to assist you throughout your container procurement journey. If you need our help to arrange the delivery of your container, please don’t hesitate to tell us.


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