September 1, 2014 tradecorphk
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Tradecorp Remote Reefer Management Software brings you more control over your sensitive cargo.  Tradecorp’s internal sensors gather real-time data that covers everything from temperature and humidity to CO2 levels, so you know exactly what is happening inside and during transport so no there are no surprises when the cargo arrives.

With Tradecorp Remote Reefer Management Software, all potential issues can be identified and solved immediately during transit.

The Tradecorp Remote Reefer Management Software is available on all Tradecorp Cold Storage and Refrigerated Products.

Automated Temperature and Pull Down Notifications: Tradecorp software allows you to adjust the temperature and Pull Down rates all done remotely when and where you want to do it.

GPS Tracking: Tradecorp’s Remote Reefer Management Software comes with Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) for the best around coverage around the world coverage.  This feature comes with accurate positioning and comes complete with tracking information ensuring you know exactly where your equipment is at any stage of the voyage.

Perfect for locations where security is an issue, reducing the risk of the lost cargo and the ability to keep your customers informed of arrival times.