Tradecorp is experienced in modifying containers to suit your needs. Besides being able to be used as an office container, Containers can also be modified as a sleeper and toilet unit. What is a sleeper and toilet unit? 20′ Laundry unit containers are containers made from standard containers which are then modified into bedrooms that have toilet facilities. This container serves as a place for a comfortable rest for employees at the project site. 

20′ Laundry unit

In a field project, you need a place to work as well as a place to rest for you or the employees in the field. With this sleeper and toilet container you can provide a place to rest still in your project site. This container provides a place for a comfortable sleep as well as a toilet. 

Sleeper Container is equipped with a strong ceiling frame and internal walls the same as an office container, It also has an insulation layer and can be covered with a white veneer so that it can give the impression of a clean and comfortable space. The bedroom floor can be made of plywood which is then coated with vinyl so that it is easy to clean and not slippery. When you enter the container, you will see a room that is quite spacious and is perfect for resting and relaxing after a long day work. 

The toilet part of the sleeper and toilet container is insulated with the toilet cubicle (Dry Area). The floor in the toilet can be covered with a tiled floor. The walls themselves are insulated walls that can be made of glass wool or other materials to reduce heat and noise in the container to make the sleeper and toilet unit more comfortable. 


This container has two doors, the outer door and the inner door. The inner doors are used to enter the toilet. The toilet is also equipped with a sit/squat toilet, jet washer and sink. In addition, it has a sliding type window and is equipped with window bars so it is relatively safe from criminal acts. The window in the bathroom is also equipped with an insect repellent curtain to prevent insects from entering. 

Another advantage of this container is that your AC outdoor unit will be placed inside  so there is no need to remove it when the container is about to be moved. In addition, the small canopy outside the window, ventilation, window, exhaust fan can be removed during shipping.