Peak Surcharge From Europe to North America Is Announced

Peak Surcharge From Europe to North America Is Announced
December 27, 2022 Tradecorpwebteam
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A French container transportation and shipping company, announces its updated surcharge from Europe to a few places in North America during this peak season. The updated surcharge rate for all types of cargo will be higher per container beginning in late December. For 20′ and 40′ shipping containers, respectively, the peak season surcharge from the southwest of Europe to the US East Coast will increase.

For all types of cargo, the surcharge rate from North Europe, Scandinavia, Poland, and the Baltic to the US Gulf and Canada’s East Coast will also increase beginning in December. Shipping surcharge fees normally increase as a result of an incline in fuel charges, higher insurance rates, and peak season charges. Normally, other additional charges that are placed on shipments include handling, processing, or shipping add-on. On invoices, these charges are in addition to the base price that has already been calculated and paid for the shipment.

Carriers typically change the base shipping rates monthly or on an annual basis. Any additional charges for things like gas, vehicle maintenance, and local work schedules for the workers may lead to unexpected jumps in shipping costs. When multiplied over thousands of packages and loads over the course of a week or month, even a small overall surcharge increase can result in significant fee increases.

To anticipate any excessive charges in an unexpected amount, shippers must choose wisely how to ship their packages. Several things can be adjusted to avoid any uncontrolled shipping surcharges and freight fees, including the charge related to oversized items or specialty delivery routes and drop-offs. When planning routes and processing orders, shippers can make more informed decisions if they are aware of the options available to them and which options have a direct impact on fees.

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