Our Portacamps offer a quality full living settlement option suited for supporting a large camp of individuals living remotely or onsite. Portacamp settlements are fully equipped to support the daily needs of individuals for accommodation, recreation, food preparation and other such facilities necessary for functioning daily life. These quality Portacamp settlements can be customized to suit the requirements of every individual customer and can be as large or as small as required. These units are completely portable and can be easily powered through a mostly ‘plug and play’ power system. Tradecorp Portacamps are highly specialised in Office Containers, Ablution Containers and Accommodation Containers.

Portacamps have many advantages compared to conventional building methods. Unlike conventional building methods which take months to construct, portacamp units only take a matter of days to complete. These portacamp units are also significantly cheaper to construct compared to conventional structures due to the fact that the main shell of the unit is a shipping container which can be new or even used to further reduce cost. Portacamps are also incredibly easy to transport, these units can be shipping, trucked, freighted using trains and even air lifted. Our company has great experience in transporting portacamps, for example our Papua New Guinea subsidiary organised chinook helicopters to move portacamp units deep into the PNG jungle to facilitate the building of a runway.

Many countries with growing economy is seeing the government funding infrastructure projects from creating new railways lines, to bridges, to toll roads and subways. All these projects require on-site offices to facilitate the management of these projects. More and more companies and government SOEs are using portacamp units for their on site offices compared to conventional structures which require too much time constructing and become too costly for one time use. Portacamp units can be easily picked up and transported to a new location which makes them the perfect solution for projects of this nature.

No portacamp job is too big or too small for our company, whether you require a simple office unit or require a full sized camp, our draftsmen can work with you to design to the perfect unit to fit your requirements.

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