5 Tips for Maintaining Shipping Containers

5 Tips for Maintaining Shipping Containers
December 14, 2023 Tradecorpwebteam
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You might have purchased a shipping container as a home or business owner for storage or other uses. These robust, dependable containers can be an affordable answer for a range of needs, but they do need routine upkeep to stay in good shape. Maintaining your shipping container will increase its lifespan and dependability for modified container structures.

These are the top 5 suggestions for maintaining your shipping container:

1. Prevent rust on your container
Prevent rust on your container

Rust is one of the biggest problems with shipping containers. These containers are made of Corten steel is more resistant to rust. Nevertheless, when exposed to moisture, bare metal can still rust. Simply paint the container if you see any exposed bare metal as a result of a fresh deep scratch or dent.

Before fixing the rusting on the shipping container, remove any visible mud or dirt by pressure washing the container’s entire exterior. Let the container dry thoroughly after washing. To reduce liability, maintenance and replacement costs, and depreciation, transport companies, apply corrosion protection using thermal spray equipment and materials. These corrosion coatings galvanically protect the steel surfaces, maintaining a clean appearance for longer, with no surface rust.

You can then apply an overcoat of paint immediately after the corrosion coating without affecting the corrosion protection properties.

2. Fix any damage
Maintaining Shipping Containers - Fix any damage

Although shipping containers are made to be durable and long-lasting, they can still be damaged over time. Make sure to fix your container as soon as you notice any holes or other damage. Aside from using welding techniques, another solution would be to use UV industrial bond strength patches.

You might need to hire a specialist to handle the repairs if the damage is too severe to handle yourself.

3. Repaint as needed
Maintaining Shipping Containers - Repaint as needed

There are several steps that are required to be done before repainting a shipping container. The first step would be to remove any labels and stickers on the sea container’s surface to give it a clean look before washing them. Then you would need to pressure wash the shipping container and make sure that there will be no excessive dirt by washing them twice.
Lastly, removing any rust spots is a significant step before repainting the container. You can remove them using a wire brush and use sandpaper to finish. Once it looks good, give the shipping container a few more coats of paint to give it a more vibrant appearance.

4. Protect against pest
Maintaining Shipping Containers - Protect against pest

Shipping containers are frequently used for storage, which can draw insects and rodents. Maintaining your container clean and free of food and other attractants to deter pests from settling would help your container to not attract more pests.

If there are pest indications, make sure to take immediate action. This may entail getting rid of the pests using traps or other pest control techniques, followed by taking precautions to keep them from coming back.

5. Keep it clean
Maintaining Shipping Containers - Keep it clean

Over time, dirt, dust, and other debris can gather on shipping containers as a result of their exposure to various weather conditions. Cleaning your container frequently is crucial to keeping it looking good and working properly.

The container’s exterior should first be cleaned of any obvious dirt or debris. Use a pressure washer to wash the inside and outside to remove any lingering dirt. Be sure to let it dry completely to prevent the possibility of rust from forming. Once cleaned, any damaged areas will also be revealed.

An Additional Advice: Use a High-Quality Container

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