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If you have liquid products, powders, or gases and you need to transport them, you can use a Tank Container. Using Tank Containers is a convenient way to safely transport and deliver your product to its destination. ISO Tank Containers are an excellent choice for shipping liquids, powders, and gasses. Tradecorp as a number one container provider with years of experience provides ISO Tank Containers for sale in Zanjan.

All of our Tank Containers were made following ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards for storing and transporting specific goods. ISO Tank has international standard features that make them safe and fit for use.

Some materials such as liquids, powders, chemicals, and even some food products can be shipped safely using our Tank Containers. They were made from stainless steel and had multiple layers of protection around it.

Our Tank Containers can accommodate many types of products such as dangerous or corrosive liquids. With our Tank Containers, you can store and deliver your products safely. We also have a food-grade Tank Container that is safe for transporting food products.

We provide containers for sale and our staff will help you with the shipping process throughout Zanjan because we are committed to selling good quality containers in Zanjan.


We Are Trusted Because of Our Product’s Quality

With years of experience selling containers, we are always committed to providing the best quality products for you. All Tradecorp’s Containers follow ISO standards, so we guarantee the quality and the strength of the containers.

There are several types of ISO Tanks that have similar capabilities but different capacities. We sell both 20 ft and 40 ft Tank Containers. Each container has different specifications depending on the size and material.

We sell many different types of ISO Tanks. To name a few are; the Iso Cement Tank is also known as a Pneumatic Tank, the T11 Tank has a multipurpose function because it can carry various kinds of materials in liquid form, and The T75 LNG Tank also known as a Cryogenic Tank is used to store liquefied gas under certain pressure at cryogenic temperatures, for products, such as LNG, N2, O2, Ar, CO2. We also have a T50 LPG Tank, which is a suitable container to store or transport your LPG. We sell ISO Tanks in Zanjan in many different designs to best suit your Tank requirements.

We Are Here to Fulfill Your ISO Tank Requirements

If you need an ISO Tank in Zanjan, Tradecorp can assist you. We have New & Used units for sale and lease. These units are in good condition. They are robust, and can be used for many years, saving you from unnecessary extra expenses. Tradecorp has many experts to help you find a Tank that best meets your needs. All of our new products are fully equipped with CSC plates for international shipping.

Furthermore, we have helped businesses across a variety of industries with their shipping container needs. At the end, why Tradecorp? Because we sell only the highest quality products. And our commitment is “your satisfaction is our satisfaction”. Let us know your ISO Tank requirements. And our well-experienced staff will assist you.

We offer you the best solution for delivering your customized product safely and efficiently. Tradecorp sells containers in new and used conditions. Contact us now for the container you want. We will help to modify and deliver the container to your place at the best price in Zanjan.

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40′ T75 Cryogenic Tank

20′ T75 Cryogenic Tank

20′ T50 Gas Tank


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