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Tradecorp offers quality Shipping Containers for sale and rent at a reasonable and budget-friendly price.

We have a wide range of container types that can be delivered from one of our depots to Genoa. The product range varies from standard containers to specialized containers like Refrigerated Containers, Offshore DNV Containers, and Flat Rack Containers.
You can get not only a new Shipping Container from us but also used Shipping Containers in decent condition.

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Tradecorp has many years of experience. We stick to our promises in delivering the best containers to our customers. Given that, we remain a trusted source for standard Shipping Containers as well as specialized ones to businesses and individuals.

Our services include Shipping Container sales, rentals, and modifications. A wide range of new and used Shipping Containers are available for sale at attractive rates. And they are also available in many sizes. We stock containers at our main container depot near your location, from General Purpose Containers to Refrigerated Containers.

You will receive Shipping Containers that meet your expectations. We regularly check our containers to make sure they are always in good condition. Moreover, we have a highly professional team that is trained to make your purchase experience stress-free.

Shipping Container Sales and Delivery in Genoa

If you need a Shipping Container in Genoa, you can directly contact our Genoa sales representative or fill in the quotation form. We strive to bring satisfaction to our customers; thus, you’ll get the best deal for the containers you want right away!

To deliver your container safely and on time, we may need details of the requested destination. That way, you can sit back and relax as our experienced carrier carefully plans the shipment.


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Most Common Container Types in Genoa

The 20 feet General Purpose Container is often referred to as a standard container or dry container. It is completely closed. It is also outfitted with a hard top roof, corrugated steel panel walls, sturdy hardwood floors, and solid and durable cargo doors. These properties make them resistant to the elements, This type of container is very strong, durable and cost-effective for transporting dry goods and cargo by sea and land. For example, a 20 feet general-purpose container can hold up to 10 standard industrial pallets and has a long shelf life. This container is also ideal for renovation projects.

Additionally, This type of container is built according to ISO standards and equipped with a valid CSC plate that will expire in 5 years. Because of this, our container is ready to meet your international shipping needs. A few other points are, our 20′ general-purpose container has double doors that can be opened up widely, four locking mechanisms, tie-down points on the floor and on the ceiling are provided to secure your goods. Therefore, it also offers you practicality, reduces the likelihood of theft and prevents damage to the cargo during transportation. This container is very versatile. 

You can paint the outside of your container with fresh custom paint to promote your company’s brand image.
In addition, You can also outfit your container with things like a secure lock, vents, windows, air conditioning, bathrooms, etc.

This Dry 40 Feet container is an ideal investment if Your company is cost-conscious. Since this unit offers greater capacity, you can put more items in it. And You can put more items and save cost in one delivery.

You don’t have to worry about the safety of the cargo stored in it. This type of container offers incredible benefits such as being waterproof and windproof, protected and can survive in difficult weather conditions.

In addition, this container is durable and robust, as it is made of corrosion-resistant corten steel. It also comes with solid steel walls, sturdy doors, and a secure locking system to reduce theft and damage.

This versatile dry container 40 feet offers an infinite number of possible uses. As a dry container, it can effectively and efficiently store and transport dry goods, also suitable for converting applications.

Furthermore, we can assure you that our 40 feet GP containers meet ISO requirements. In addition, we include an active CSC plate with every purchase of our new container.

The general purpose container 40 has a reinforced structure that can be stacked on top of each other, both on stable ground and on ship decks during sea transport.


The 20 ‘high cube container is known for its special feature, namely the extra height. The external dimensions of this type of container are 20 ‘long, 8’ wide and 9.6 ‘high. 

So this container height is 1 ‘taller compared to standard containers. With this type of container, the transport and storage of cargo can be organized more efficiently. The additional 1 ‘height created by this container opens up additional space for your cargo. 

As a result, you can load more bulk items that are generally too bulky to fit in standard containers. Like the rest of our containers, this one is also manufactured following international standards (ISO). Therefore, before leaving the factory and shipping to your location, the containers are equipped with CSC panels that have an active life of five years. 

In addition, this type of container is designed as a dry cargo storage and transport unit. These containers are also suitable for transformation projects, such as building offices from containers. In addition, this unit can also be used as a storage solution to start a self-storage business. 

In addition, the 20 ‘high cube container is equipped with a plywood floor. This type of flooring can save your container maintenance costs in the future as it is easy to clean and durable. Furthermore, You can customize this 20` high cube container according to your wishes. You can add a

different type of flooring, add more lock for added security, and so much more. Finally, you don’t have to worry about shipping your containers. We will be happy to help you organize your container transport to the desired location.

Tradecorp`s 40` High Cube Container has a special height feature that differs them from a standard container. It has extra height of 9.6 feet, this means it is 1 foot taller than common dry container.

Furthermore, it is 40 feet long and 8 feet wide. This type of container is very suitable for delivering item with large volume. In addition, it is long-lasting, windtight, water-resistant, and it can withstand hot temperatures.

It is also perfect for container modification projects. this container can be transformed into an aggregate warehouse, residential unit, office, cafeteria or other building. All our new containers meet ISO criteria and pass the CSC security check.

Therefore, it bears a CSC mark with a validity of five years from the date of issue. It is important to note that this device specializes only in dry cargo. For commercial applications, this container can safely and appropriately fit up to 21 standard pallet sizes.

Meanwhile, depending on the layout, this container can provide enough space for a family of four for home furnishings. In addition, this type of container is also made of high-quality corten steel so that it does not corrode as easily.

Our 40 ‘high cube container also includes lashing rings with which you can securely tie up your cargo. Plus, the flooring is easy-care plywood that can last for a long time. Above all, Our team will be happy to assist you with your container procurement right from the start.

We can also help organize the delivery of your device until it reaches the desired location safely. Contact us now and get the best price.