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Tradecorp offers quality Shipping Containers for sale and rent at a reasonable and budget-friendly price.

We have a wide range of container types that can be delivered from one of our depots to Sofia City. The product range varies from standard containers to specialized containers like Refrigerated Containers, Offshore DNV Containers, and Flat Rack Containers.
You can get not only a new Shipping Container from us but also used Shipping Containers in decent condition.

Tell us the containers you need and get the best deal offer from us. Click the button to get a free quote or connect with our sales rep right now!

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Tradecorp has many years of experience. We stick to our promises in delivering the best containers to our customers. Given that, we remain a trusted source for standard Shipping Containers as well as specialized ones to businesses and individuals.

Our services include Shipping Container sales, rentals, and modifications. A wide range of new and used Shipping Containers are available for sale at attractive rates. And they are also available in many sizes. We stock containers at our main container depot near your location, from General Purpose Containers to Refrigerated Containers.

You will receive Shipping Containers that meet your expectations. We regularly check our containers to make sure they are always in good condition. Moreover, we have a highly professional team that is trained to make your purchase experience stress-free.

Shipping Container Sales and Delivery in Sofia City

If you need a Shipping Container in Sofia City, you can directly contact our Sofia City sales representative or fill in the quotation form. We strive to bring satisfaction to our customers; thus, you’ll get the best deal for the containers you want right away!

To deliver your container safely and on time, we may need details of the requested destination. That way, you can sit back and relax as our experienced carrier carefully plans the shipment.


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