February 7, 2020 tradecorphk
In The Look


Our Jakarta depot recently finished a project for an international furniture company currently exhibiting their product range in various locations throughout Indonesia.

This unit was fitted with a side door which can be lowered to act as a patio for featuring products as well as acting a a seating area. In addition, the entire front side has been fitted with windows and sliding glass doors to effectively showcase the company’s exclusive product range whilst at the same time allowing the container to remain cool during the day with ceiling fans and air conditioning circulating the air inside the unit. The rooftop lounge area is equipped with a rear mounted staircase and ceramic tiles as well as umbrellas and lounge chairs to create a relaxed seating area on top of the container.

The inside of the exhibition container has been fitted with walls, lighting, flooring as well as a list of other great features making one feel as if they are standing in a standard building structure.

The final great feature about this exhibition/shop container is that it has been designed to be easily transported and takes only a few minutes of preparation to prepare for transportation this means moving around the Indonesian archipelago can be carried out with ease and in a timely manner.

Well done to our Jakarta team for such a great result.